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Recent Updates from F5 – BIG-IP v11.0 HotFix 1 & BIG-IP v10.2.3

BIG-IP v11.0 HotFix 1

While there are no new features in this release, it does improve upon the BIG-IP v11.0 branch with increased stability. F5 recommends upgrading from any version of 11.0 to 11.0 HF1. This Hot Fix Rollup contains:

* Stabilization fixes for TMOS, LTM, GTM, APM, ASM, WAM and WOM
* Security patches.
* Enhancements for ICSA compliance.

Managing BIG-IP Product HotFixes (11.x):
Software Lifecycle Policy:

BIG-IP v10.2.3

This release represents a significant milestone in stability and functional improvements to this branch. In addition to the 10.2.2 HF roll-ups, 10.2.3 also includes:

* Support for TLS 1.2 and Secure Renegotiation
* Stabilization improvements for LTM, GTM, APM, ASM, WAM and WOM

Software Downloads:
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Updating SSL Certificates to 2048-bit

Today’s Issue:

The1024-bit SSL Certificates in front of my IIS website have expired, and I need to renew them, but my provider now issues exclusively 2048-bit SSL Certificates

Where We Are:

Usually, you’d simply hit the Renew button in the Management UI (Local Traffic >> SSL Certificates >> Certificate of Choice), but that only gets me another 1024-bit request

How We Got Here:

Way back when, I had a helluva time trying to figure out how to get from my IIS-requested SSL certificates, to a Certificate & Key that could be consumed by my BigIP.

The good news is, the process for splitting up your PFX into CRT and KEY files is the same as it ever was, but there were a few more steps to get to that point… in short: Continue reading ‘Updating SSL Certificates to 2048-bit’

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