BIG-IP v11.0.0 is now available + more free training!

Just Released by F5:

F5 is pleased to announce that BIG-IP v11.0.0 is now available for download. This very exciting release enhances your ability to deploy a flexible, scalable, and secure application delivery network.

F5s TMOS architecture enables contextual intelligence at strategic points of control in the network. Whether shielding applications or critical DNS infrastructure from attacks or enabling the unique architectural solutions necessary for the implementation of a more scalable and dynamic application delivery ecosystem, an F5 solution contributes heavily toward a more operationally secure, efficient and dynamic data center.

Highlights of the New BIG-IP v11.0.0 Solution

BIG-IP v11.0.0 gives organizations the power to configure, monitor, grow, and secure their business applications independently to gain greater efficiency, increase agility, and reduce CapEx and OpEx.

  • Quickly Deploy and Optimize Applications with F5’s iApps Technology BIG-IP v11.0.0’s powerful new iApps(tm) technology simplifies deployment of application service, enabling 10-100x faster provisioning and deployment. Individual iApps leverage easy-to-use templates to associate specific sets of services with single, per-application policies that are portable-even as the application itself moves beyond the walls of the physical data center.
  • Raise IT Efficiency with Enhanced Analytics and Management Capabilities BIG-IP v11.0.0 provides IT visibility into all infrastructure dependencies for particular application services. This gives you a business-centric view of the IT infrastructure and makes it possible to manage resource utilization on an application-by-application basis. Similarly, F5’s analytics provides real-time visibility into application and user performance, allowing administrators to assess, isolate, and address problem areas and track the impact of adjustments.
  • Reduce OpEx and CapEx with Resilient and Elastic Pay-As-You-Grow Architecture As a feature of the TMOS(R) architecture, F5 ScaleN functionality enables you to seamlessly scale up or scale out on demand. The BIG-IP v11.0.0 release enables you to take full advantage of F5’s Virtual Clustered Multiprocessing (vCMP(tm)) technology, combining virtualization and multi-tenancy capabilities to simultaneously run multiple instances of BIG-IP solutions on a single device.  In addition, ScaleN technology enables multi-way clustering between devices to create a pool of application delivery services that is both elastic and highly resilient.
  • Protect Corporate Assets with Unified Network and Application Security Services
  • F5 security solutions provide coordinated attack protection against complex multilayer attacks by integrating security services from layer 2 through layer 7, and by using intelligence and context to apply the appropriate set of security measures for each threat.  BIG-IP v11.0.0 offers integrated access control services, an enhanced web application firewall, and new DNS infrastructure offload and scalability functions to automatically mitigate attacks. These new services work together to provide scalable security that matches the needs of the dynamic data center, protecting users, applications, and data.

BIG-IP v11.0.0, including Local Traffic Manager, Global Traffic Manager, Application Security Manager, Access Policy Manager, WebAccelerator and WAN Optimization Manager all have a wealth of new features, new platforms including virtual editions and new functionality. This broad set of services helps IT meet the demands of today’s business while providing a dynamic data center with a focus on flexibility, scalability, and productivity. To find out more about BIG-IP v11.0.0 contact your local F5 Team or contact: info@f5.com

Additional Resources

Press Release:

Download the release:

http://support.f5.com/kb/en-us.html (Select by product and version 11.0.0)

Software Lifecycle Policy:

BIG-IP v11.0.0 Web based training is available at:

  1. Log-in to F5 University using your AskF5 credentials or Register for an Account
  2. Select Training Catalog from the left Navigation tabs of F5 University for global training services
  3. Select What’s New to expand section and get list of available courses
  4. Select Course Name to start web-based training course

My own licensing hasn’t been updated, so I can’t upgrade, for fear of doing this again.


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