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BIG-IP v11.0.0 is now available + more free training!

Just Released by F5:

F5 is pleased to announce that BIG-IP v11.0.0 is now available for download. This very exciting release enhances your ability to deploy a flexible, scalable, and secure application delivery network.

F5s TMOS architecture enables contextual intelligence at strategic points of control in the network. Whether shielding applications or critical DNS infrastructure from attacks or enabling the unique architectural solutions necessary for the implementation of a more scalable and dynamic application delivery ecosystem, an F5 solution contributes heavily toward a more operationally secure, efficient and dynamic data center.
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BIG-IP v10.2.2 HF2 Released

F5 Networks announced the release of BIG-IP v10.2.2 hotfix 2.

While there are no new features in this release, it does improve upon the BIG-IP v10.2.2 branch with increased stability. F5 recommends upgrading from any version of 10.2.2 to v10.2.2 HF2. This release contains:
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Pete Silva’s Audio Whitepaper on some new BIGIP 11 Features

Pete Silva’sDaily Dose over on F5’s DevCentral has a new audio white paper – High-Performance DNS Services in BIG-IP Version 11

Give it a listen, and even follow on Twittage:

With an increasing number of devices, applications, and services on the Internet, it’s becoming more difficult to achieve network and application response times that deliver a quality user experience. This problem is not only a bandwidth issue—it’s also closely tied to network and infrastructure architecture.  To provide high-quality user experiences on the Internet, networks must be designed with optimized, secure, highly available, and high-performance IP services. Domain Name System (DNS) is one of the most difficult, but important, IP services to optimize and secure. DNS Services in F5 BIG-IP version 11 provides an intelligent DNS architecture that delivers high performance and scalability while negating the effects of network attacks.  Running Time: 14:17

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