F5 Announcement: v10.0.1 HF4 Release Notes Update

Released 3 June 2010:

An issue in 10.0.1 HF 4 has been discovered that affects platforms with Cavium FIPS Hardware Security Modules installed.  The release notes for 10.0.1 HF4 have been updated to include the following information:

***WARNING! A problem with this HF release has been identified that renders the Cavium FIPS card inaccessible on LTM and GTM platforms with a Cavium FIPS Hardware Security Module installed.
It is recommended to wait until the release of 10.0.1-HF5, however, for those customers requiring fixes contained in this Hot Fix release, the following workaround is provided:

After installing 10.0.1-HF4 and rebooting with /usr/bin/full_box_reboot , log in to the command line of the BigIP and run the following:

cp -R /lib/modules/2.4.21- /lib/modules/2.4.21-

Once the copy has completed, reboot the BigIP using /usr/bin/fullbox_reboot to insure proper operation of the Cavium FIPS module.


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