BIG-IP v10.2.0 Released

F5 Networks is excited to announce the release of BIG-IP v10.2.0. This release represents a significant milestone in stability and functional improvements to our feature branch. In addition to v10.1.0 HF roll-ups, v10.2.0 also includes several new features. Among the notable features are:

* New BIG-IP LTM Virtual Edition, offering LTM as a virtual machine on VMware for test and production deployments
* New high-end appliance series with the BIG-IP 11050 platform and a new 8950 hardware appliance featuring higher throughput and enhanced Layer 4 performance
* LTM:  Added new DNS Monitor and Application Template
* GTM:  GTM standalone can be configured to load balance DNS servers
* APM: Oracle Access Manager WebGate integration, ActiveSync support, Geolocation agent in VPE
* ASM: Cross Site Request Forgery checkbox protection, Web Services Encryption/Decryption and Digital Signature, ICAP Support, Policy Builder v2.0
* Edge Gateway: Edge Client – Windows logon credential reuse
* Live migration of Virtual Machines between VM Hosts.
* General hardening for all modules
* TMOS: XML Content Based Routing
* Performance tuning – most modules received a performance boost from v10.1.0.  Namely ASM, GTM, WAM, APM, and general 6900/8900

Software Downloads: https://downloads.f5.com/esd/productlines.jsp

Documentation: https://support.f5.com/kb/en-us.html – Select your product/version

Software Lifecycle Policy: https://support.f5.com/kb/en-us/solutions/public/8000/900/sol8986.html


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