what to do about hotfixes and updates

Today’s Issue:

How to prepare for, and install a Hotfix on the BIGIP LTM 6400 running 10.0.1 configured with Volumes

Where We Are:

As noted in the previous post, F5 released several hotfixes for the LTM recently (we’re now at HF2 for 10.0.1).  As you may or may not know, you don’t install updates or hotfixes to the active volume… you apply them to an inactive volume, then you reboot into the patched one.  That way, if something blows up, you boot back into the un-patched one and back to where you were.

How We Got Here:

So there are several things going on here…

  1. Installing an inactive boot volume
  2. Installing a hotfix
  3. Image, Boot Volume, and Update/Hotfix Management

Everything that I’m going to present will be performed from the GUI, however it is my understanding that it can also all be done from the CLI.

As well, the scenarios below have been performed by connecting both to the Management Port and through the device’s external IP address, without any interruption to service (except obviously for the reboot part).

Let’s start with getting an install of the OS to an inactive volume:

  1. Validate which is the active volume (System > Software Management > Volume Management)
  2. Validate the active version  (System > Software Management > Image List)
  3. Install the existing image to an inactive partition (System > Software Management > Image List > BIGIP- by selecting the Software Image, an inactive volume – in this case HD1.1 , and click INSTALL
  4. Confirm Install
  5. Install in process
  6. Confirm Install completed

Next, we’ll get the Hotfix ISO up to the device:

  1. Browse to the GUI System > Software Management > Hotfix > Import
  2. Browse to the File Name and Import the .ISO file (in our case, BIGIP-10.0.1-354.0-HF2.iso, outlined here)
  3. Importing the .ISO file
  4. HotFix Import Complete

Finally, apply the Hotfix, and reboot into the patched volume:

  1. System > Software Management > Hotfix : Hotfix-BIGIP-10.0.1-354.0-HF2.iso and select an inactive volume – in this case HD1.1, and lick Install
  2. Confirm HF install
  3. In progress
  4. Confirm the HF installation (System > Software Management > Boot Locations > HD1.1)
  5. Click Activate to reboot into this Volume
  6. Reboot in Progress
  7. Reboot Complete
  8. Confirm Active Volume (HD1.1) & Updated Build (354.0)

You’ll also be able to see that the reboot has carried over your existing configuration… run yourself a new archive for posterity, and off you go!


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