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SSLDump – Hey where’d it go?

Today’s Issue:

How to monitor & dump HTTP and HTTPS traffic for troubleshooting a Sharepoint 2007 website with F5 Support, on an LTM 6400 running 10.0.1, configured for SSL Offloading

Where We Are:

As we’ve talked about in the previous post, I can still reliably reproduce the problem of trying to modify a Sharepoint Web Part using the Rich Text Editor while in IE.  I’ve been working with F5 support to get to the bottom of this, but it sounds like they’re as stumped as me.  So now we’re doing some real-time monitoring and TCPDumps, which they’re trying to decipher… good choice of words, as this is all SSL traffic, so how do you read it?  Here’s how to get from point gobbledygook to point B.

How We Got Here:

Once again, in a nutshell:

  • Sharepoint 2007 Application Template deployment on and LTM 6400 running 10.0.1
  • SSL Offloading configured by using OpenSSL to break PFX into SSL Cert & Key, then imported onto LTM
  • Browse to site as admin from outside (hitting F5 on port 443 first, then F5 passes you to web server over port 80 in the back), edit the web part, and you get errors
  • Browse to site as admin from inside (hitting web server directly over port 443 from an internal subnet) edit the web part and life is good

Recommendation from F5 is to run HTTPWatch on the sessions while concurrently running a TCPDump locally on the F5, and send them the goods on both a working and non-working set of transactions.  Here’s what we did, and what I messed up (still wiating to hear back from today’s uploads) Continue reading ‘SSLDump – Hey where’d it go?’


sharepoint 2007 WebPartPages.asmx & 500 Errors

Today’s Issue:

Error while using IE to edit a Sharepoint 2007 page behind a BIGIP LTM 6400 v10.0.1 configured for SSL Offloading:

Cannot retrieve properties at this time

Where We Are:

After deploying a Virtual Server for the Sharepoint 2007 site using the Application Templates in version 10.0.1, site admins cannot create new pages, or edit existing content using the “Edit Content” hyperlink when using IE.  Workaround at this point is one of two options:

Leave the site behind F5, and edit content in another browser

  • Pro:  Allows you to edit content
  • Con:  Editor window is small, simple text box, no rich formatting

Move site out from behind F5, and edit content in IE

  • Pro: Allows full editing capabilities
  • Con:  Site is no longer load balanced

How We Got Here

As outlined in another post and over on DevCentral, we used the new Sharepoint 2007 Application Template to move an existing site from it’s single WFE setup, to being behind our LTM 6400.  The current setup only utilizes 1 WFE now, but we have plans to expand as time & funding permit.

As we’ve discussed, the move went fine, the template seems to have provided all of the necessary nuts & bolts to make everything function, but now that we’ve dug in some more, we’ve encountered a relatively significant problem. Continue reading ‘sharepoint 2007 WebPartPages.asmx & 500 Errors’

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