Working with Application Templates – Sharepoint 2007

A big feature of the 10.x upgrade is the Application Template “wizard.”   BIGIP has their deployment guides, which walk you through creating all of the configuration objects you need to get set up and running, but they aren’t always the clearest map through the woods.  As discussed on the DevCentral site, the wizard/survey/form takes a lot of the page-turning out of the mix, and presents everything in a much clearer manner (as in all on one page, fill-in-the-blanks-and-click-go).

Here’s my take on using the Microsoft Sharepoint 2007 Application Template, what you need, and what it makes for you.


  • – Externally visible IP address
  •, .11, .12 – Web front-end HTTP servers
  • SSL Certificate and Key as discussed previously (SOL 6549 on tech.f5.com)

Steps to create a new configuration to front a Microsoft SharePoint 2007 system:

  1. Logon to the Management Web Console, expand Templates and Wizards, select Templates, and then Microsoft SharePoint
  2. Provide a familiar prefix for the template group, in this case SharepointDemo, and the IP address that will serve the URL, in this case
  3. Scroll down to the SSL Offload Questions section to elect to offload SSL form the SharePoint Servers, and to select the appropriate certificate and key
  4. Scroll down to the Load Balancing Questions to select your balancing method, and to add the WFE server IP addresses (Note: if you are offloading SSL on the BIGIP, use port 80 to pass the traffic to the back-end servers), and to provide the health check response string
  5. Scroll down to choose WAN or LAN traffic, and click Finished
  6. You’ll now see a list of the objects the template has created and configured for this Virtual Server instance

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