Volumes over Partitions. Wait… what?

Today’s Issue:

Validating an F5 BIGIP LTM 6400 System upgrade from 9.3.1 to 10.0.1 including migrating from Partitions to Volumes.

Where We Are:

So we did it, then we un-did it, and re-did it again (to make sure we did it right, of course), but it went far to smoothly this time, and we don’t quite believe it.  Just want to have a clearer picture of what we’re getting into, before we really do it.

How We Got Here:

So I heard back from F5 support this morning… some good news, and some questionable news.

First the weirdness:  turns out that the install, while relatively quick, certainly should have taken longer than 15 seconds to complete.  Somehow I have a feeling that the previous install of 10 never really went away, although we verified using the “local-install” script to confirm its non-existence AND after we got 10 rebuilt on volumes, there were now 3 (count ‘em) volumes, where previously there had been 2 partitions:

Before removal (volumes):

HD Install Slot Contents

After rollback, reformat, removal (partitions)

Partition Contents
1.1 Empty
1.2 BIGIP-

After re-install (volumes)

HD Install Slot Contents
HD1.1 Empty
HD1.3 Empty

Now for the good news:

  1. The UCS configuration remained even with the re-format or the partition to volumes change, when you don’t use the –nosaveconfig switch
  2. The documentation actually was admitted to be wrong for general circumstances in instructing the general upgrade-er explicitly to use the –nosaveconfig switch

Nice to be right, and nice that it seems to work, but now back to implementing SSL on that pesky SharePoint site…


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